First project board meeting

On the 19th of May the first BioProGReSs project board meeting took place at Gothenburg Energy with Prof. York Neubauer, TU Berlin connected online.

The role of the advisory board is to monitor the project, ensure that the project follows the schedule, keeps the budget and delivers result according to the plan. The advisory board takes strategic decisions regarding the project in order to optimize the outcome and success of the project.

The project board is chaired by Anna Svernlöv, head of department Production and Planning, Gothenburg Energy. The other project board members are:
Frank Behrendt, TU Berlin
Jörgen Held, Renewtec AB
Per Lindeberg, Gothenburg Energy
Henrik Thunman, Chalmers

The status of the project and the different workpages were presented by Ingemar Gunnarsson, Daniel Nyberg and Malin Hedenskog, Gothenburg Energy, Martin Seemann, Chalmers, York Neubauer, TU Berlin and Jörgen Held, Renewtec AB.

The project board approved the progress report to the Swedish Energy Agency covering 2014 and the first quarter of 2015 as well as the draft communication plan.