Project description

BioProGReSs is a 3 year 5.3 Meuro project. The goal is to develop, implement and demonstrate advanced syngas cleaning based on chemical looping reforming in both a pilot and an industrial scale
bioSNG plant. In addition a novel measuring technique developed at TU Berlin will be tested and implemented in order to monitor and control the gasification process.

The BioProGReSs project  is divided into 7 work packages.

WP1. Design and pre-engineering

WP2. Build and installation

WP3. Demonstration of the CLR technology

WP4. Online tar, gas and species analysis

WP5. Technical evaluation

WP6. Design study and comparison of technologies

WP.7 Dissemination and exploitation

The work packages are all interconnected and interact by transfer of results to other work packages and via exchange of information and results via neighbouring tasks.


Project structure, click on the picture to see it in more detail.

The objectives are to show that the overall investment cost can be reduced by up to 30%, at the same time as the variable cost can be reduced with more than 10% and that the amount of biofuel produced in the process could increase with up to 10% by switching to the technology described here.