Project partners

Gothenburg Energy (coordinator)
Gothenburg Energy is West Sweden’s leading energy company with 1,200 employees and 7,000 MSEK sales per year. The services include production, distribution and trading in electricity, district heating and cooling, and gas. In addition Gothenburg Energy provides services in energy efficiency and data and telecommunications.  The company is wholly-owned by Göteborgs Stadshus AB (city of Gotenburg).

Chalmers University of Technology
The Division of Energy Technology at Chalmers, conducts research and offers education in energy technology and energy systems. Our work is characterised by the combination of systems-level projects, with in-depth research on energy transformation processes, and our participation in a great number of national and international projects. BioProGReSs is linked to the gasification activities connected to the Chalmers 2-4 MW biomass gasifier and the competence center in the area of indirect gasification of biomass (CIGB) with equal funding from Academy, Industry and Swedish Energy Agency.
Focus in this group has been to exploit the operational possibilities offered by the existing setup, to close heat and mass balances in the gasifier, to investigate fuel particles transport and the effect of using an oxygen carrying material in the gasifier/boiler loop. Further, the possibility to use the chemical-looping reforming concept to reform tars has been assessed.

Technische Universität Berlin
The TU Berlin is one of the largest universities of technology in Germany. The project partners are working in the institute of energy engineering at the chair of ”energy process engineering and conversion technologies of renewable energies (EVUR)”. Here thermochemical conversion technologies represent a main research area. In the junior research group “TCKON” headed by Dr. York Neubauer the role of porous solid carbon structures in heterogeneous gasification reactions are under examination. The on-line analysis of tar species in the hot gas phase is another focal point of the group. The knowledge and experience gained is used in the BioProGReSs project for applying an on-line tar-sensing and -monitoring approach to develop advanced control strategies for tar reforming and overall plant control. Another topic covers the scale-up, evaluation and comparison of gas the cleaning technology applied in the project.

Wandschneider + Gutjahr (sub-contractor to TU Berlin)
Since 1999, Wandschneider + Gutjahr have been working as engineering consultants for the thermal treatment of waste, sewage sludge and biomass. W+G has been responsible for major industrial projects, but also contributed to the implementation of new technologies for biomass utilisation, e.g. optimisation of a biomass gasification plant.

In the BioProGReSs project it will be the main task of W+G to review and monitor the upscaling process required for a large scale commercial process.

Renewable Energy Technology International AB (Renewtec)
Renewtec is a Swedish SME who coordinates and/or participates in international and national R&D projects within the renewable energy area, conducts consultancy work and is heavily engaged in dissemination activities such as the REGATEC conference. Renewtec is also a publisher of the Renewtec Report series.

Renewtec is responsible for publicity and marketing of the BioProGReSs project, and communication and dissemination of results.