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Societal benefits of bioSNG (biomethane)

There are societal benefits of renewable methane produced through gasification and methanation of biomass and waste, bioSNG, in all the steps of the value chain, i.e. production, distribution and utilization.

Production: BioSNG has the highest conversion efficiency, from feedstock to final product, of all second generation biofuels and hence provides a resource efficient way to convert indigenous feedstock to a high quality transport fuel.

Distribution: Since bioSNG is miscible with natural gas in any proportion it can be distributed in an efficient and environmentally friendly way through the existing natural gas grid. The bioSNG produced in the GoBiGas plant is injected into the high pressure grid in Gothenburg.

Utilization: The versatility and the low combustion emissions make bioSNG an attractive renewable fuel not only within the transportation sector but also for efficient heat and power production and in industrial processes where clean and efficient combustion is required.

Other societal benefits: The greenhouse gas emissions are significantly reduced when bioSNG replace fossil fuels and for countries like Sweden with vast biomass resources the bioSNG route offers several other benefits such as increased security of supply, regional development and new job opportunities.